Extra nubbin

—-Original Message —– From: J Sent: 23 January 2004 04:13 To: S Subject: Life is full of attractive options for a guy like me, check this out. http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~wenz/advance.html (PS: You missin’ Ma yet?) J   From: S Sent: 23 January 2004 08:05 To: J Subject: Hee hee, I have always loved your extra little nubbin – have they worked out why men have nipples yet?  … Continue reading Extra nubbin

Please pass the turkey to the vegetarian homosexual and his mink wearing sister.

8 Oct 2003 – INSTANT MESSENGER “MINK” CONVERSATION BETWEEN  J & S.   S: Hello baby, I’m back, finally got my email/instant messenger sorted out. J: Ah good, some QUALITY spam of mine was bounced back to me. Devastating! S: A question – Is it bad to want a mink? J: An answer – YES. S: Why? J: You sad old tart – what the fuck do you wanna … Continue reading Please pass the turkey to the vegetarian homosexual and his mink wearing sister.

Am I a bad mother?

S Diary Entry 2 September 2003 My mother said she didn’t do anything, achieve anything because she had us kids to look after and hold her back. Do I use my children as a mental stumbling block, an excuse. Mother’s don’t achieve things because they should be too busy taking care of their children’s needs so that their children can go out and achieve great … Continue reading Am I a bad mother?

J gets published, sort of.

This is a short story J had published in The Melbourne Times Issue 23, Wednesday, June 18, 2003.  He wrote it under the name Travis Parton – he explains why he used this pseudonym here. It’s a done deal By TRAVIS PARTON “DEAL again?” I click “no” and close the solitaire program. I cast my eye around the office in despair. My application for leave … Continue reading J gets published, sort of.