Some of J’s Artwork


Self portrait dated Fri 01/11 & Sat 02/011/02


Self portrait dated Mon 4/11/02



Self portrait dated 7/11/02



Self portrait dated Sat 15/02/2003. This is not how J was, he has drawn this distorted with large body and large waist.



I like this self portrait he drew it in grey lead. Dated 18/03/2003



This self portrait is not dated. This sketch upsets me, it makes me so sad to think this is how he felt, how he saw himself.


This is a self portrait done in grey lead dated 18/11/2001 “Hard Hat – Soft Heart a Story of One Fire Warden and Three Puppies.”


A sketch of our Mum done by J. A colour version was found with J he had written my name on the back of it. He also had with him a sketch he’d done of me with my Mum’s name on the back of it – he wanted us to have each other’s picture.




3 thoughts on “Some of J’s Artwork

  1. these are awesome.
    i wonder about my own tendency towards self-portraits.
    i write poetry & think of sylvia plath.
    i do self-portraits & think of van gogh.
    & then i try to survive my self.
    thank you for sharing your brother’s art ❤

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    1. Your artwork is brilliant, I love it. You must keep doing all that you’ve written, writing, drawing, surviving. I’ve tried to tweet your “Knowthing” I really like that one but not sure if it worked. Thank you for commenting.

      Keep creating, you’re good at it.


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