Performance Review



Staff Member:     CEO

Subject:                 Performance Review

Date:                      Tuesday, 2 March 2004


During KRP discussions today, J conceded that his performance of normal duties was not satisfactory and that delays in Newsletter production and failure to complete various tasks requested of him, had been his responsibility. The February newsletter is not yet distributed in the first week of March, and late production of other newsletters has been a problem.

I also advised that I had received complaints from committees about inserts not included when requested. We also noted that he had been obliged to write a letter of apology to Ingenuity for failure to arrange delivery of their order forms to Sydney so that they could be included as inserts from the February edition of the News Bulletin.

He acknowledged that he understood this meant that no performance premium could be considered this year.

When I enquired as to whether the problems that had led to this situation had required medical attendances, he confirmed that they had.

In these circumstances, I advised that whilst a warning about unsatisfactory performance was being recorded (via this file note), I would seek to assist him to get the situation back under control, and to that end we would meet twice a week to review progress and the implementation of measures designed to bring timelines back into correct alignment.



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