J’s last letter.

This is deeply personal and I’ve thought about this from the day I started this blog. I have shared openly and honestly our thoughts, lives and letters and yet I’ve considered keeping this one last letter private. I have decided to share only parts of it, others parts of it I will keep to myself. As J himself wrote parts of this letter are “flippant and … Continue reading J’s last letter.

Performance Review

  CONFIDENTIAL FILE NOTE Staff Member:     CEO Subject:                 Performance Review Date:                      Tuesday, 2 March 2004   During KRP discussions today, J conceded that his performance of normal duties was not satisfactory and that delays in Newsletter production and failure to complete various tasks requested of him, … Continue reading Performance Review

Hell, Hell, Hell.

—–Original Message —– From: J Sent: 24 February 2004 23:39 To: S Subject: Fanx! [I had sent J a retro t-shirt with the Dukes of Hazard Boys on it as he had said in our “Mink Conversation“.] Hey Sis, just wanted to say thanks for the t-shirt! It really cheered me up. Ah, how I loved that blonde one when I was a kid. I’ve … Continue reading Hell, Hell, Hell.

I love you, be happy.  I’ll be there soon.

  —–Original Message—– From: J Sent: 05 February 2004 02:13 To: S Subject: Open at your peril. I don ‘t really know what ‘s going on here, but I think it’s bad. Very, very bad. J [There was a photo attached – from memory it was a very, very bad, cheesy family Christmas photo, one where they are wearing matching horror outfits.]   —–Original Message- … Continue reading I love you, be happy.  I’ll be there soon.

Extra nubbin

—-Original Message —– From: J Sent: 23 January 2004 04:13 To: S Subject: Life is full of attractive options for a guy like me, check this out. http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~wenz/advance.html (PS: You missin’ Ma yet?) J   From: S Sent: 23 January 2004 08:05 To: J Subject: Hee hee, I have always loved your extra little nubbin – have they worked out why men have nipples yet?  … Continue reading Extra nubbin

Please pass the turkey to the vegetarian homosexual and his mink wearing sister.

8 Oct 2003 – INSTANT MESSENGER “MINK” CONVERSATION BETWEEN  J & S.   S: Hello baby, I’m back, finally got my email/instant messenger sorted out. J: Ah good, some QUALITY spam of mine was bounced back to me. Devastating! S: A question – Is it bad to want a mink? J: An answer – YES. S: Why? J: You sad old tart – what the fuck do you wanna … Continue reading Please pass the turkey to the vegetarian homosexual and his mink wearing sister.