Performance Review

  CONFIDENTIAL FILE NOTE Staff Member:     CEO Subject:                 Performance Review Date:                      Tuesday, 2 March 2004   During KRP discussions today, J conceded that his performance of normal duties was not satisfactory and that delays in Newsletter production and failure to complete various tasks requested of him, … Continue reading Performance Review

J gets published, sort of.

This is a short story J had published in The Melbourne Times Issue 23, Wednesday, June 18, 2003.  He wrote it under the name Travis Parton – he explains why he used this pseudonym here. It’s a done deal By TRAVIS PARTON “DEAL again?” I click “no” and close the solitaire program. I cast my eye around the office in despair. My application for leave … Continue reading J gets published, sort of.

Some people bring down the house, others bring up their lunch.

This is a short story written by J the header read: C:\Documents and Settings\jms\My Documents\That nice man.doc Last saved: 15/4/2003 8:33AM   It’s Sunday and I’m in a cinema, watching Steve Martin’s latest japes and frolics in Bringing Down the House through my somewhat scratched and dirty glasses, I’m thinking This film is pretty damn average, when I hear a weird noise, like water splashing … Continue reading Some people bring down the house, others bring up their lunch.

J’s Screenplay – “Michelle”

I found this printed out amongst J’s belongings. It is the sitcom he mentioned in his diary entry on 10 March 2003.  It’s set in an office, 6 characters, 1 per episode, all set on the day after the office Christmas Party. He and Jade planned to write 7 episodes in total, writing 3 episodes each and both working on the last one together. About Dead … Continue reading J’s Screenplay – “Michelle”

The Wedding Dress I didn’t get to wear.

  Barry and I decided to get married (there was no proposal as such, just a sort of mutual discussion/decision.)  We decided on a small Australian backyard family wedding in December 2000 as we would be in Australia for Ola’s first Christmas. The following is the disaster that ensued. ———————–FACSIMILE TRANSMITTANCE SHEET———————– TO: ‘Anastasia’ COMPANY: Elegant Weddings FROM: ‘S’ DATE: 18/10/00 RE: Wedding 5th Jan … Continue reading The Wedding Dress I didn’t get to wear.

A little ray of sunshine has come into the world.

Barry and I welcomed the most delightful blue-eyed baby girl into the world on 14 March, 2000 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital as Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ played in the background. After a 12 hour labour our 9lb beauty was safely in our arms. I slept afterwards and Barry told me he just sat, gently cradling our daughter staring at her.  When I woke Barry carried me … Continue reading A little ray of sunshine has come into the world.

Golden, golden days. Gone.

December 1998 Living with Barry was working out great.  Brady spent every second weekend with her Father, Jack. I continued working a demanding schedule, working all hours and flying all over the world, until a turning point in a cold transit lounge somewhere in tired Europe, enough was enough. I resigned, finishing up in December 1998. So the call went out – ‘Christmas at the Pink … Continue reading Golden, golden days. Gone.