Performance Review

  CONFIDENTIAL FILE NOTE Staff Member:     CEO Subject:                 Performance Review Date:                      Tuesday, 2 March 2004   During KRP discussions today, J conceded that his performance of normal duties was not satisfactory and that delays in Newsletter production and failure to complete various tasks requested of him, … Continue reading Performance Review

J gets published, sort of.

This is a short story J had published in The Melbourne Times Issue 23, Wednesday, June 18, 2003.  He wrote it under the name Travis Parton – he explains why he used this pseudonym here. It’s a done deal By TRAVIS PARTON “DEAL again?” I click “no” and close the solitaire program. I cast my eye around the office in despair. My application for leave … Continue reading J gets published, sort of.

Some people bring down the house, others bring up their lunch.

This is a short story written by J the header read: C:\Documents and Settings\jms\My Documents\That nice man.doc Last saved: 15/4/2003 8:33AM   It’s Sunday and I’m in a cinema, watching Steve Martin’s latest japes and frolics in Bringing Down the House through my somewhat scratched and dirty glasses, I’m thinking This film is pretty damn average, when I hear a weird noise, like water splashing … Continue reading Some people bring down the house, others bring up their lunch.

J’s Screenplay – “Michelle”

I found this printed out amongst J’s belongings. It is the sitcom he mentioned in his diary entry on 10 March 2003.  It’s set in an office, 6 characters, 1 per episode, all set on the day after the office Christmas Party. He and Jade planned to write 7 episodes in total, writing 3 episodes each and both working on the last one together. About Dead … Continue reading J’s Screenplay – “Michelle”

The Wedding Dress I didn’t get to wear.

  Barry and I decided to get married (there was no proposal as such, just a sort of mutual discussion/decision.)  We decided on a small Australian backyard family wedding in December 2000 as we would be in Australia for Ola’s first Christmas. The following is the disaster that ensued. ———————–FACSIMILE TRANSMITTANCE SHEET———————– TO: ‘Anastasia’ COMPANY: Elegant Weddings FROM: ‘S’ DATE: 18/10/00 RE: Wedding 5th Jan … Continue reading The Wedding Dress I didn’t get to wear.