NYE 2000


Brady spent Christmas/New Years’ with her father, Jack in the UK.  Barry and I took the opportunity for the holiday of a life time. We left frosty  Ol’ Blighty behind and flew to Hawaii for two weeks. We stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, what a beautiful, magical oasis, everything was pink, Brady would have been beside herself.  Our room came complete with a Y2K survival kit which consisted of – glow sticks, bottles of water and banana bread!  Barry being a programmer found it all highly amusing, continually assuring me, no the world would not implode and no we would not be stranded on an Hawaiian island delivering our baby ourselves surviving on coconuts.

The joy of the sun on my skin, floating in the sea with my beautiful swollen belly and our baby kicking inside me. It was a perfect two weeks, I missed Brady but she was safe and happy with her Father and Grandparents.   I felt so lucky and spoilt.  I was six months pregnant, my partner loved me, he loved my daughter, we had built a lovely home together and our baby was healthy and growing. I guess now it would be known as a Baby-Moon.

The new century looked rosy.


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