Kept my matches in my pocket and left this bridge standing.


This is a letter I received from Jack’s mother. I have always ensured that Brady has had full contact with her father and his parents since our split, and to this day Brady still spends every second Christmas with them in the UK.  I feared Vito my father-in-law, I found him very prickly. Carmela is a wonderful person, the unseen go-between of factions of the family and we still email each other from time to time.  She and Brady tell me Vito has mellowed.


6 October 1998

Dear S,

Hi there, hope you are all well.  I thought you might like these photo’s of Brady and her cousin, they really enjoyed each others’ company and were very good.  It was a pleasure to have Brady she is a delight and a credit to you.  If ever you need a weekend babysitter you only have to ring me, Vito won’t bite you, you know he doesn’t mind if you want to ring and chat to him.

I have tried to get your Mum on the phone but she always seems to be out gallivanting.  Jack tells me she is here until Christmas, so I will keep trying.  That will be good for you having her here won’t it, but we’ll miss having Brady here with us.

I hope you are keeping well S, and are over the problem you told me about.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love to you, Brady and your Mum.

from Carmela xxx


Scribble by S

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