J heads to UK to hand tissues to S.

December 1997

Jack and I had split months earlier and he moved out, Brady and I were still living in the house trying to get used to our new life and routine.  I had agreed that Brady could spend Christmas with Jack and his family.  I drove her down to Devon a couple of days before Christmas and sobbed all the way back to Hertfordshire. I had just met Barry who was ironically, spending this Christmas in Australia, where his Father and Step-Mother live.

J arrived in the UK to help me keep it together over the Christmas period. We had a lovely time, we laughed, drank and shopped. J also caught up with his friends Lisa and Paige who were both travelling in Europe and UK at the time. We talked about everything; our parents, our lives, our sense of failure – (he never told me of his suicidal thoughts though).

Brady came back after New Years and the three of us had great fun. J was always so patient with Brady and she just thought (and still does) that he was some kind of magical being.

j passport dec 97 001.jpg

J’s passport.

J and B nap 001

Brady and J taking one of their “naps”.



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