Courting by correspondence.

Written by Barry who was spending Christmas ’97 in Australia with his father who immigrated to Melbourne with his second wife.  Barry’s Mother who also remarried remained in the UK.   27 December, 1997 S, I have been trying to analyse why I am so attracted you; I know what my feelings are towards you and I think I know why, but I don’t yet … Continue reading Courting by correspondence.

J heads to UK to hand tissues to S.

December 1997 Jack and I had split months earlier and he moved out, Brady and I were still living in the house trying to get used to our new life and routine.  I had agreed that Brady could spend Christmas with Jack and his family.  I drove her down to Devon a couple of days before Christmas and sobbed all the way back to Hertfordshire. … Continue reading J heads to UK to hand tissues to S.

I wonder if Sea Monkeys can scream.

Thursday 4 Sep. 1997 Dear S, Now this is just a quick letter to accompany your prezzies. Happy Birthday for the 8th, chick.  I hope you like my presents.  I decided to go for a different feel this year, I hope you like it.  If you don’t, just pretend, OK? I’ve decided this year to go for a theme. Nostalgic Kitsch. Lets start with the animal … Continue reading I wonder if Sea Monkeys can scream.

“… and then the dog chewed on it.”

VOL. 7, NO. 2 “…and then the dog chewed on it.” Thursday, Sep. 4, 1997  8:40am Dear S, The office smells like the interior of a plane today for some reason.  Exactly like a plane.  That funny air-conditioned, slightly-sickly-disinfectant-delousing-spray smell.  Wish I had a first class aeroplane seat for a work chair.  If this office was an aeroplane it would definitely be in a disaster film. Daisy and … Continue reading “… and then the dog chewed on it.”