I’m just gonna leave this here.

To read Dead Man’s Diaries in chronological order please click here. I am done, I have finished this blog. I have honoured my brother. I think, I hope he’d be pleased. My brother is gone, our mother has Alzheimer’s, there is no one to confirm all my memories, but there is this – our love and lives on paper. I miss him, I miss receiving … Continue reading I’m just gonna leave this here.

Golden, golden days. Gone.

December 1998 Living with Barry was working out great.  Brady spent every second weekend with her Father, Jack. I continued working a demanding schedule, working all hours and flying all over the world, until a turning point in a cold transit lounge somewhere in tired Europe, enough was enough. I resigned, finishing up in December 1998. So the call went out – ‘Christmas at the Pink … Continue reading Golden, golden days. Gone.

Christmas a long, long time ago…

I have a vague memory of this being taken it was at Myer in Melbourne December 1973. I would like to thank everyone who reads my Blog and has kindly followed our story. Your “likes” comments and support means so much to me.  It’s hard to explain but I feel so connected to some complete strangers sprinkled all over the world through my brother. Wishing you … Continue reading Christmas a long, long time ago…

J heads to UK to hand tissues to S.

December 1997 Jack and I had split months earlier and he moved out, Brady and I were still living in the house trying to get used to our new life and routine.  I had agreed that Brady could spend Christmas with Jack and his family.  I drove her down to Devon a couple of days before Christmas and sobbed all the way back to Hertfordshire. … Continue reading J heads to UK to hand tissues to S.


I have some letters from J in 1997 but seem to be missing many. As you are about to read my life got a bit messy from 1997 on and house moves followed, during which I’m afraid some of J’s letters may have been lost. I also don’t have J’s ’97 diary, I am certain he kept one but think it may have been typed which he referred … Continue reading 1997

An Aside from S – An alternative Father’s Day Shout OUT.

It’s Father’s Day in Australia today and it’s a beautiful thing to see everyone posting fabulous photos of sharing today with their Dads. All the kind and lovely memories shared and the heartbreak of all the people who miss their wonderful fathers today on Father’s Day. But there are ‘others’ of us out here who are glad we aren’t suffering with our Fathers today. So … Continue reading An Aside from S – An alternative Father’s Day Shout OUT.