Bachelor pad for the girls.

May 1998

Jack and I split the profit from the sale of our family home 50-50.  I then purchased a small two bedroom ground floor apartment for Brady and I.

There was a two week gap between the sale of the family home and the purchase of the apartment going through, during which time Brady and I stayed at a local hotel.  It was quite a depressing time for me. I realised how alone I was in a country with no family.

I tried so hard to make it fun for Brady, taking her dress ups with us (everything else was packed) she would dress up and we would play make believe in our tiny hotel room each night (starring mostly a hybrid Hawaiian fairy). We finally moved into our little place.  It wasn’t far from my work or Brady’s nursery.  It was tiny but we loved it. We even got a fish called Chips.


Dove House 001

Brady in front of our flat – bottom two windows on the right of the photo.

Brady Dress up 001

Brady in one of her dress ups for another night of make believe in our hotel room.

Dove House B Room 001

Brady’s tiny toy filled room in our apartment at Dove House.


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