An Aside from S – An alternative Father’s Day Shout OUT.

It’s Father’s Day in Australia today and it’s a beautiful thing to see everyone posting fabulous photos of sharing today with their Dads. All the kind and lovely memories shared and the heartbreak of all the people who miss their wonderful fathers today on Father’s Day. But there are ‘others’ of us out here who are glad we aren’t suffering with our Fathers today.

So here’s an alternative SHOUT OUT. A shout out to all the people who suffered Arsehole Fathers and who keep their heads down today too scared to say anything for fear of upsetting all the people with wonderful dads. Be proud you’re over him and he has no hold on you, you are no longer scared of him.  So here’s my shout out Fuck you Dad, Fuck you, I’m doing just fine because you are NOT in my life.

[Disclaimer: liking this post does not mean you hate or despise your own father.]


fathers day

3 thoughts on “An Aside from S – An alternative Father’s Day Shout OUT.

  1. Wacky father, wonderful step father, husband whose parenting is marvelous. Fatherhood is the most important thing a man can do and any man who doesn’t realise that should be castrated so he can”t ruin someone else’s life. I can’t feel what you can, but the shame of our world is you can’t feel as I do!

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