Courting by correspondence.

Written by Barry who was spending Christmas ’97 in Australia with his father who immigrated to Melbourne with his second wife.  Barry’s Mother who also remarried remained in the UK.


27 December, 1997


I have been trying to analyse why I am so attracted you; I know what my feelings are towards you and I think I know why, but I don’t yet fully understand how you feel about me and what I mean to you.

Your trust in me is very important to me, and I promise that I will never betray it.  You make me feel very happy, and when you’re not around I feel that something is missing from myself – I want to get to know you more, not in order to work anything out, but simply because I adore the endorphin rush.

When I think of you, I see an awful lot of images, I see the little girl in “Brown’s”, I see “Loud Spice”, I see the sleeping angel, I see the tired mum, but the image most paramount is the beautiful thinker…

Your smile lifts me, your laughter carries me, you voice enthrals me, your mind attracts me and your physical presence is like a magnet – drawing me in – I want/need/love to hold you.  You bring out the me in me, and you are so important to me.

I love you for that, and I adore you for who you really are – the more I discover, the more complete you become.

Barry xxx

barry letter 97 001


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