Hell, Hell, Hell.

—–Original Message —– From: J Sent: 24 February 2004 23:39 To: S Subject: Fanx! [I had sent J a retro t-shirt with the Dukes of Hazard Boys on it as he had said in our “Mink Conversation“.] Hey Sis, just wanted to say thanks for the t-shirt! It really cheered me up. Ah, how I loved that blonde one when I was a kid. I’ve … Continue reading Hell, Hell, Hell.

Extra nubbin

—-Original Message —– From: J Sent: 23 January 2004 04:13 To: S Subject: Life is full of attractive options for a guy like me, check this out. http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~wenz/advance.html (PS: You missin’ Ma yet?) J   From: S Sent: 23 January 2004 08:05 To: J Subject: Hee hee, I have always loved your extra little nubbin – have they worked out why men have nipples yet?  … Continue reading Extra nubbin

So often a diagnosis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

From: J Date: 24 July 2002 12:58 AM To: S Subject: Be wary Sis, this is a controversial illness.  Some people don’t really think it’s an illness in and of itself, more a label to slap on people who have more than one problem or who don’t slot in easily to another diagnosis. They’ll wanna stuff you with drugs and you need to be careful … Continue reading So often a diagnosis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

Bad Parties, Bad TV and Bad Religion.

From: ‘J’ Date: 20 May 2002 05:30AM To: ‘S’ Subject: Bad Party…Bad TV…and Bad Religion Hey Sis.  How was your weekend?  Mine was alright. Went to IT guy from work’s 30th birthday dinner on Saturday night in St Kilda. Since his parents are winey (they have a vineyard and all) there was free wine, four varieties. I thought “You rippa – bring on the dancing … Continue reading Bad Parties, Bad TV and Bad Religion.

I’m gay, I could not possibly live in the burbs.

From: ‘J’ Date: 14 May 2002 02:19AM To: ‘S’ Subject: Adulthood looms on the horizon. Hey Sis, Jade (my housemate and top chum) is looking at buying a house and she wants to go thirds with me and someone else. Do you think I should? It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to afford to buy a house that isn’t in the fucking sticks … Continue reading I’m gay, I could not possibly live in the burbs.

Sweaty sandwiches and trouser demons.

  From: ‘J’ Date: 30 April 2002 02:14AM To: ‘S’ Subject: sweaty sandwiches and trouser demons… So I went and saw Nana on the weekend with Dick. Spent Sunday in car with Dick driving up to Lakes Entrance. I caught a train to Traralgon (I like catching trains) where Dick picked me up. Then read my book (“History of the Middle East“, thought it might annoy Dick) … Continue reading Sweaty sandwiches and trouser demons.