I’m gay, I could not possibly live in the burbs.

From:   'J'
Date:    14 May 2002 02:19AM
To:     'S'
Subject: Adulthood looms on the horizon.

Hey Sis, Jade (my housemate and top chum) is looking at buying a house and she wants to go thirds with me and someone else. Do you think I should? It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to afford to buy a house that isn’t in the fucking sticks or – worse – the burbs. Thing is tho, I hate the idea of going to the bank. I’ve got no money saved (please – no lectures!) and I worry that if I lost my job then the fucking bank would get it all.   Do you reckon ma or pa would loan me the money and I could pay them back at proper bank rates? I’ve been using those on-line loan calculator thingies and looking at 3 bedroom houses and Jade and I think we could get somewhere for around $120k each. And if interest rates went up and I couldn’t afford it I could just pay the interest until I could afford to start paying off the principle again. And frankly, if someone’s gonna be making a packet on my loan I’d rather it was Mum or Dad than some cock-sucking bank. And if we decide to sell then Dick/Mum would make a handsome profit. Whaddya think? Mum made some tidy profits on Flemington and Barwon Heads, do you reckon she’d be amenable? There’d be one almighty lecture in it for me (“I TOLD you to save up, didn’t I?”) but our place is looking a bit dodgy at the moment (landlord’s screwing us around a bit) and I’m a bit sick of renting –   not being able to fix things up properly and so on but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna live more than 20 minutes from the CBD. Poofs CAN’T live in the burbs, they can’t pick up and when they do they get bashed to death getting out of the cab. Ooh, there’s a thought – do you think telling Ma would have an effect on whether or not she might want to do this? I dunno what to do.

Jade’s  pretty fired  up about it and it appeals to me but I’m so fucking poorly paid (am looking for new job without much success) and I don’t wanna miss out. I could easily live with Jade on a permanent basis – she’s good with money and fun to have around. And neither of us are into living with lovers, and even if we did move out, we could always get renters in to take one or either of our places.

Tell me what you think.






3 thoughts on “I’m gay, I could not possibly live in the burbs.

    1. This email from my brother was sent in May 2002. Our letters/emails start in 1991 and finish in 2004 with my brother’s death. I have done my best to post them in chronological order but sometimes come across one out of date order and back post it so to speak so that it falls into chronological order.

      Thank you for reading and posting. (I loved your Mother’s Day post “Hippy Mother’s Day” my brother would chuckle at that.)


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