Hell, Hell, Hell.

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From:    J
Sent:    24 February 2004 23:39
To:      S
Subject: Fanx!

[I had sent J a retro t-shirt with the Dukes of Hazard Boys on it as he had said in our “Mink Conversation“.]

Hey Sis, just wanted to say thanks for the t-shirt! It really cheered me up. Ah, how I loved that blonde one when I was a kid. I’ve still got a thing for 70’s muscle cars you know.

Job here is still fucking HELL! HELL! HELL! and I’m quitting, quite possibly today. I’ve got an interview with a recruitment agency on Monday, so that looks promising. I might have to do some temping for a bit, but what the fuck. I have to get OUT OUT OUT of here .

Anyway, thanks for the shirt Sis. You’re very thoughtful. I have to get back to having the will to live sucked out of me.



From: S
Sent: 25 February 2004 09:21
To: J
Subject: RE: Fanx!

You are welcome babe, thought it might cheer you up. Know the label said large but it looked a little small to me, ah well if it doesn’t fit you could always put is on a pillow and dry hump it. Good luck with the agency, let me know how it goes.

Love ya



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