Bloody freeloading Australian backpackers.

Author: 'Mum'
Date: 20/10/95  3:51 PM
Priority: Normal
To: 'S'

So glad to hear going back to work wasn’t too traumatic for you or Brady. I am pleased that Brady likes it at Tracey’s and gets along with little Eleanor. It must be a big relief for you.

Aunty Tia is much better and sparking on all fours again. Will probably be home today. What a relief that was for everyone.

I will call over the weekend probably, when it is at its cheapest possible rate.  I will have to economise as I think I might give up work next year and I still want to be able to come and see you and to do some other trips.

Love Mum/Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooo


Author: 'Mum'
Date: 24/10/95  2:32 PM
Priority: Normal
To: 'S'

Dear S, Jack and Brady

Don’t know if you will get this because the screen looks funny and the font is a bit crazy at times.  Got the photos of your new house.  They are fantastic. The house looks great and is SO BIG wow, what will you do with all that space?

Brady certainly has grown and looks remarkably like her mother and her Uncle J when they were babies.  That hair is a worry though – just like J’s, but take heart, his does sit down now thank heavens. I seem to have to do a backspace every so often to make the print go right.

Your kitchen looks fantastic – the master chef Jack will be having a ball in there concocting all sorts of goodies.  The back yard looks as though it doesn’t need a lot doing to it to make it OK. You’ll have your greenhouse up soon so you can get a supply of plants going.

Talk to you soon.

Love Mum/Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooo

PS Big kisses and hugs for the little darling with the hair!!!!

Chaulden 001

Our new home in the UK – from Sep ’95



Author: 'Mum'
Date: 27/10/95  2:32 PM
Priority: Normal
To: 'S'

Thanks for all your emails. Don’t let Sarah and Brian stay. Tell them to PISS OFF!

And do not, DO NOT ask Naomi to come up. Why don’t you offer to meet her in London on a Saturday, or a Sunday for a couple of hours.  Don’t let her in the house under any circumstances.  Don’t answer the phone, leave the machine on at all times and vet the calls and just don’t answer them.  And why don’t you just go out when Sarah and Brian are due to come, and just don’t come home until later.  Leave a note to say you are sorry but you have been called away unexpectedly.

Lie through your teeth. I would. Bugger them, they are all freeloaders – tell them to f… off!

I keep looking at the photos all the time, Brady is so gorgeous. I certainly am not going to ask anyone around here when you are home, who is ever likely to go to England!  I keep telling people that you are inundated with people and how difficult it is and how expensive food is and how exhausted you are now you are back at work.  If they don’t get the hint from that, then they are all pretty thick and you wouldn’t want to see them anyway.

Or perhaps you do the same thing when you come out here – go and stay with everyone who has come to see you and eat all their food and sleep in their beds and use their power and telephone to excess and they might get the message.

Well, I hope you can sort this out, but I’m telling you, don’t have Naomi stay there under any circumstances because if you do, I will tell her mother.

The new house looks great, can’t wait to see it.  I would move to the UK in a shot if I could sell my dump, as “Poo Town” is giving me the shits in big doses but I don’t know where else to go.  I tell you though, if I went to the UK I would buy a one roomed flat, what do you call them, studio apartment, so NO ONE could stay with me!

Great news for Jack’s sister Georgia and her husband, it will be an anxious pregnancy I am sure.

Please take note of what I said and LIE, LIE, LIE!

So great that Eleanor and Brady like each other so much, makes things a lot easier for Tracey. You are lucky to have a friend as a childminder.

Well, must away,

Mum/Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Australian Backpacker

Scribble by S

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