I’ve signed the divorce papers.

From: ‘Mum’ Sent: 1 Feb 1996 3:22PM To: ‘S’ Subject: Thanks for your messages, this is the first opportunity I have had to get into the computer room, it was down for a while and we have been so bloody busy!  Got a wedding to go to tomorrow – am having the arvo off.  Thank heavens, or I think I might throw a wobbly at … Continue reading I’ve signed the divorce papers.

Bloody freeloading Australian backpackers.

Author: ‘Mum’ Date: 20/10/95  3:51 PM Priority: Normal To: ‘S’ Subject: So glad to hear going back to work wasn’t too traumatic for you or Brady. I am pleased that Brady likes it at Tracey’s and gets along with little Eleanor. It must be a big relief for you. Aunty Tia is much better and sparking on all fours again. Will probably be home today. … Continue reading Bloody freeloading Australian backpackers.