I’ve signed the divorce papers.

From: 'Mum'
Sent: 1 Feb 1996 3:22PM
To: 'S'

Thanks for your messages, this is the first opportunity I have had to get into the computer room, it was down for a while and we have been so bloody busy!  Got a wedding to go to tomorrow – am having the arvo off.  Thank heavens, or I think I might throw a wobbly at the stress involved with this job.  Am thinking very seriously of leaving, only trouble is it would be harder to come to UK to see you. I would have to save hard.

Your sewing sounds really good.  A gathering stitch is a big stitch on your machine, which will pull up, alternatively you can hand tack with double thread, but that is never quite as even as the machine stitch. I loved the teddy material – just fabulous.

I signed the divorce papers last night and I gave your Father the account for his half of your wedding again, and he said he hadn’t received it the first time and he thought he had paid me.  Says he’s going to give me a cheque, so that will help me pay for my trip over to you. He said “he seems to have a problem with his mail” as the PO Box mail goes astray, also his mail at work (where I sent the account for the wedding). You don’t have to be Einstein to  realize that there is a common denominator in all of this – the problem with his post would be his whore Lilith.

Give my beautiful Brady a big kiss from her Nana.

PS Have you got a washing machine in a separate room yet and have you got a dishwasher in your kitchen?  I really can’t wait to see your house – it sounds great.

Love Mum/Nana xxxx0000




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