Merry Christmas Uncle J – 1995

  Found amongst my brother’s paperwork – he kept his first Christmas card from his niece. Brady and her Uncle J  (in his favourite Black Hawaiian Shirt) – Brady’s first Christmas, Australia 1995 I chuckle when I look at this picture imaging Brady saying ‘So it’s a deal Uncle J, you being a vegetarian and all that, I can have your share of the turkey … Continue reading Merry Christmas Uncle J – 1995

Columbo investigates the Swedish Postal System.

Tuesday 21 November 1995  9:16AM Hey S, Tuesday mornin’, strollin’ up Collins Street, wading through a block and a half of baby-puke stink-smell that’s swirling invisibly around me from Elizabeth to Russell Street.  I’m wearing a new shirt.  It’s an ugly blue, gonna buy another two today, maybe. Just missed Princess Di’s diatribe on morning TV.  Not sorry really, I think she’s ghastly.  Goddamned show-pony, … Continue reading Columbo investigates the Swedish Postal System.

All systems go for Brady’s first trip to the Land of OZ.

Author: ‘Mum’ Date: 14/11/95  1:37PM Priority: Normal To: ‘S’ Subject: Dear S and Jack Have managed to get a few minutes to get on the internet. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Jack, Happy Birthday to you. Last one before the BIG 30 eh? I have sent you a card, but think it might be late so am emailing. I’ll save … Continue reading All systems go for Brady’s first trip to the Land of OZ.

What’s my scene?

Tuesday, 14 November 1995  1:07 PM Hey Sis, Been a few days since I’ve had time to write.  Let’s see…  Friday night I ended up going to the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda with Nadia and her boyfriend Aaron to see a what can only be describe as a Psycho-billy three-piece band they’re called the “Fireballs”.  They all had mohawks and no shirts on. Simplistic but … Continue reading What’s my scene?

Mum’s moving to Vegas!

Wednesday, 8 November 1995  10:49 AM Goddamn I’m hungry Sis. Roll on 11 o’clock so I can sneak over to Collins Place and get some food. Starving. .. Spent yesterday (Melbourne Cup) on the couch.  Didn’t get out of bed ’til 1:30.  Caught half of Ingmar Bergman’s “Wild Strawberries” on SBS.  I didn’t realize what film it was until the end.  I’ve been trying to hire that film for … Continue reading Mum’s moving to Vegas!