What’s my scene?

Tuesday, 14 November 1995  1:07 PM

Hey Sis,

Been a few days since I’ve had time to write.  Let’s see…  Friday night I ended up going to the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda with Nadia and her boyfriend Aaron to see a what can only be describe as a Psycho-billy three-piece band they’re called the “Fireballs”.  They all had mohawks and no shirts on. Simplistic but fun.  Damn hot in there, and too crowded to get to the bar, so I had to sustain myself on the one can of warm beer for the whole gig.  Taxied home around 2am, and woke up with a two hour hangover, which was gone by 11am thankfully.  Spent Saturday on the couch and in the laundry.  Sunday I was in at work and stayed until 9pm, when I caught “The Usual Suspects” at some Bourke Street cinema.  It was really good, I enjoyed it.  Taxied home (I was flush with cash.  I love having enough money to catch cabs, it seems decadent in a pissy sort of way.)  Yesterday I stayed back at work until 7pm, and then bolted down to Hoyts in Bourke Street, hoping to catch this new Brad Pitt film “Seven”, you know the one with Morgan Freeman in it, the seven deadly sins.  It looks pretty snazzy.  So I ran down in my polyester pants and suede sneakers, to be told by the ticket lady that I had missed the start, and I’ve heard (in reviews) that the titles are “distinctive”, so I didn’t go in, and was too disheartened to go back to work, so I trammed it home.  Maybe I’ll catch it tonight.

Apart from all that, it’s been rather sparse.  Lots of work, not much else. Oh yeah, there was this girl who smiled at me in the sweaty gloom of that gig on Friday night.  She had black curly hair, cropped close to her skull, and squarish glasses, you know the ones, they look cool if you can carry it off.  (She could.)  She smiled, but I was too swoozy to be anything but frightened by it, so I moved away.  I didn’t want to feel self-conscious for the rest of the gig.  Sigh.  Only three days until I’m on holidays Sis.  Tick tock….

Getting a bit nervous about this trip to Sydney with Josh in the New Year.  I dunno, I must have been seized with brain fever or something when I agreed to that.  What the hell am I gonna do in Sydney?  Josh will want to go to greasy pubs and listen to crap bands and play pool, which is just not my scene. I don’t really know what my scene is exactly, but that ain’t it.  I wanna do something low-key, geeez, I dunno.

Only three days.


Usual suspects 001

Movie ticket – The Usual Suspects


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