Cows, Slugs and Fake Cats.

Wednesday 22 November 1995

Dear J,

All the best for a beaut birthday on the 26th.

We are well and hope you are too. Well won’t be long till S, Jack and Baby Brady get here, it will be lovely to see them.  My word your Father has been having a hard time of it with his bad back but seems to be well on the mend now.

Your cousin Nic doing very good at sport but same as last year, very good locally but when he went to Melbourne to compete State wide he didn’t do any good, he sure is a good runner and jumper though.  Your other cousin Kezza is planning on a trip to Japan for her holidays, think she flys out on Boxing Day.

We’ve had a lovely lot of rain and the paddocks look good, we are thankful for your Uncle’s cows being here to keep the grass down, they are named Friday and Wendy because one was born on a Friday and one on a Wednesday. The veggie garden is doing good and we have lots of potatoes, having a bit of trouble with slugs and snails though. Got a lovely lot of fruit on the trees this year so far.  Pop has made wooden cats and placed them in the orchard and so far they seem to be frightening the birds away, we shift them round a lot, we also put one in the veggie garden.  Pop painted his wooden cats black and white.

Well must away, all the best J and the enclosed cheque is just to get some little thing you’d like for your birthday.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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