Rabbits don’t mind what colour flowers they eat.

23 November 1998

Dear J,

Do hope you have a beaut birthday.  Pop is gradually coming better, it’s a long slow process, he had more x-rays last week but he is so weak and he just runs out of puff but he is eating a lot better again so should get his strength back.

No veggie garden this year, have got a couple of tomato plants at the back door but we just let your Uncle’s heifer into the old veggie garden.  There have been a couple of rabbits at the flower garden, they don’t seem to mind what colour the flowers are, they just mow them down and eat them up.  I tore an old shirt of Pop’s up and put tar on it and that seems to make them go else where. Your Dad and Uncle shot a rabbit here last weekend so maybe that was one that liked my pansies.

We are having a cold spell at present and last week had a lovely lot of rain and the paddocks are looking good, next will be the fire danger season. There is to be a new bridge built this end of Lakes Entrance over the North Arm, at present they are working on the approaches to it.

We are staying home for Xmas and would love to see you anytime J, or are you going to the UK to spend it with your Mum and S?

Well must away am sending cheque for you to maybe get some little thing you’d like for your birthday.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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