Our first trip in a plane and it was an Air Ambulance.

4 March 1997

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

Just a few lines in with a card to wish you a very Happy 4th Anniversary.  Thanks so much for your phone call on my birthday, the postie delivered your parcel and card on my birthday so that also made it extra special.  I love the book, thanks a lot and the lovely snaps too I haven’t had a chance to read the book though, only glanced at it but it looks lovely.  England has such a lot of history being such an old country and it must be lovely to see all the beautiful places.

Pop is gradually coming better, it was a close call and the Doctor says it will be at least 3 months to come good but we are so very thankful that our Doctor got onto the trouble and had him flown to Melbourne by Air Ambulance.  Everything happened so quickly and to see Pop with all the tubes in him and all the machines working for him was frightening.   They told us only Monash and The Alfred Hospital were the only two that could do the operation, one does worry about hospitals closing but we were thankful that the best was available when we needed it and everything was taken care of. Monash is such a big place.

The ambulance picked us up from here at home and took us to the aerodrome in Bairnsdale, the Air Ambulance then took us to Morrabin where there was another ambulance waiting to take us to Monash Medical Centre and I was allowed to go with Pop going down but coming back by road ambulance I couldn’t, so your Dad bought me back home. Pop spent 3 days in Bairnsdale hospital after he came home.  The Doctor has told me if he has any more severe pain spasms I must call them straight away.

It was good to see your Mother and J when they came in to visit Pop.

Well I must close and do my outside jobs, two of my pullets are laying.

x Love from Nana and Pop x


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