Stork ETA 6 Months

September, 1999


5 thoughts on “Stork ETA 6 Months

  1. I know this card was from 1999, but doesn’t it seem like it was from a long time ago? It’s a curious thing how quickly things change, and those subtle and often overlooked changes usually come to light while looking at advertising and greeting cards, and of course commercial photography in magazines.


      1. On another matter, I think what you’re doing here is great. In some ways, you are giving your brother a form of immortality by maintaining this blog in such a way that despite no longer being here with us, his words, wisdom, and memories can live on and survive indefinitely. I think that there is something beautiful about that.

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        1. Thomas, thank you so much. Our father, the narcissist has his own skewed version of things and our Mother has Alzheimers, it’s just me now. Sometimes it’s as if my childhood wasn’t real, there’s no one to talk about it with, share the memories – not that they were great, but someone to confirm why I am who I am, why J was who he was. I miss him, his sarcasm, the confirmation of each others role in our lives and memories. I’m trying to make sure the world doesn’t forget that J was here. That he mattered, that he still does.

          I truly thank you and SoulSpeak for all your support. J would too.


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