The rooster I had picked on the young ones, so I killed him.

30 August, 1999

So very pleased to get your letter and all the lovely snaps.  It’s a beaut one of your Dad, J and Brady, and the ones with Pop in are some of the last to be taken of him. It was also nice to see the full one of our house that Pop built. I wish he could have seen this photo.

Do hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday in Queensland. Brady must think all the water is strange.  It’s a case of Aussie children get used to swimming pools, rivers and ocean beaches, it’s our way of life being such a hot and dry country.  We’ve always lived near the beach, our problem was more to try and avoid sun burn as it was before the days of screen cream (sic).

I have 3 new pullets, your Dad took me down to Port Albert where they sell pullets and I bought 3, 2 white, 1 black, one laid it’s first egg a week after I got them.  They cost $12 each, when your Pop and I used to sell pullets years ago we used to charge $2.50, all costs seem to just go up and up.  The rooster I had picked on the young ones, so I killed him.

It’s just three months since Pop died and it is very lonely without him.  I’ve been down to Hazelwood Cemetery several times. Once your Dad took me to arrange for the plaque to go on the grave.  It will be six weeks before it is ready, I’ll send you a snap when it goes on. After Pop went the undertaker had a special card done for me, I made inquiries and was able to get more, so got one each for our 3 children and you 5 grandchildren.  Your Dad said he’ll send yours, I think it’s nice as a keep sake and hope you like it.

Your Dad has been up and spent a few days with Uncle Dick at his opal mine and enjoyed it all very much.

Time to sign off.

x Love from Nana x

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