We had fish and chips at the cemetery. It was a great day out.

5 December, 1996

Dear S, Jack and Brady,

How are you all? Especially you S I do hope you are improving and that your job isn’t too demanding.

Our daylight savings starts this weekend so we will be getting up in the dark again.  It is nice now, I can get up and go out in the garden early, on my own, except for the mosquitoes who are always very hungry, but I make sure I have long sleeves on.

Our flower garden looks and smells lovely but our veggie garden hasn’t got much in it, we just haven’t had the time or energy for it this year and we wont be planting more.

There is to be a very big building built on the opposite side of the highway to our house.  They are clearing the bush now. There is to be a $2.5 Million project network set up for Excellence in Hardwood Timber Industry.  It will mean work for a lot of people we hear. Many will live there too so that will mean our life won’t be so quiet any more, which will be a shame.  When the highway was originally moved we reckoned beaut – makes it quieter, but we’ll just have to wait and see and hope for the best.

Pop and I went down to the cemetery yesterday to Granny’s grave,  it was four years yesterday since Granny passed away, so we took lots of flowers down from our garden, took my sister, Aunty Jean with us too, we bought fish and chips. Then on to Aunty Nellie’s, then home, was a long but enjoyable day.

What are you doing for Xmas, Xmas is a bit awkward having 2 days for Xmas then one day back at work and then the weekend off so most of the family have to be home for the Friday instead of staying here with us. S I’m sending a cheque to your mother to put in your bank account.  I’ve made it for $200 – it is for your’s and Jack’s birthdays and for the three of you for Xmas. Think it’s better you buy something you like and need.

The young couple that bought Aunty Jean’s house next door are expecting a baby in June, they are both very pleased, so that is lovely, seems these days some aren’t always so happy to be in the family way.

Must away for now.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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