In my day pregnant women didn’t work and sewing machines weren’t electric.

4 Nov 1994

Dear S, Jack and ?

So very pleased to get your phone call with the beaut news and do hope you are keeping well S.  Will you be able to keep your job now that you are pregnant? When I was young, married women didn’t really work and those that did always stopped when they got pregnant.  What is the said thing over there, do you go into a maternity part of the hospital for your baby to be born and do you go to the hospital or to the Doctors for check ups?  Times and countries differ in what is done I guess, and it is so different to when I had my babies, all the tests etc that one takes for granted now but in my day there was none of that.

By June the weather in the UK will be nice for the arrival of your baby. We’ve had a little rain in the last three days which was welcomed by our veggie and flower garden.  It’s looking nice and we have even got a few early gladiolus out, they don’t normally flower until Dec.  The pesky parrots have been really playing up with garden and I have that much foil hanging on the apricot tree it just about plays jingle bells, but at least we have got green apricots on the tree. So now I will do battle with the birds to get them ripe and into the pantry.  Pop also planted a row of corn in the veggie garden but the parrots decided they wanted them so the result is very few corn plants, they also ripped the tops off some of the onions, and others they just pulled right out!

Since Uncle Colin died Aunty Jean has been travelling, she’s been to Tasmania and even went on a plane for the first time in her life! She has the house on the market and has paid a deposit on a unit in Morwell, we’ll sure miss her when she shifts.

I have a new sewing machine. The old treadle one had the biscuit, I bought it 51 years ago, I paid £25 (I bought it before we used dollars and cents) and got $40 back on it so can’t complain but it is strange using this electric one, I keep putting my hand up to stop the wheel but there’s no wheel there. I’ll get used to it in time I suppose.

Must close and catch the postie.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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