And as for the apples, well they got cooked right there on the tree.

27 January 1999

Dear S and Brady,

Pop said to say thank you very much for the video “Fawlty Towers” we all enjoyed it very much, he had a nice birthday and he really enjoyed all the phone calls, was lovely to speak to you and Brady.  J has been up here to see us too, gee it was lovely to see him.  Pop is very weak he has so much wrong and what is needed for one complaint is no good for another but his Doctor has taken him off two of the tablets that he was put on while in hospital and another two his Doctor has halved. The trouble is when you are admitted to hospital in Bairnsdale our Lakes Entrance Doctor passes you over to another Doctor and the Bairnsdale Doctor put Pop on four extra kinds of medication. Your Dad and Lilith stayed up with us for three weeks and was a big help to get Pop to and from all his appointments.

The paddocks are lovely and green and we’ve been getting good rains but realize a few hot days will change that.  So much grass about but not much stock as they were lost in the floods last year.

I wrote to your Mother this morning S and enclosed a cheque for $100 that is for your birthday and Christmas gone. When I was speaking on the phone to your Mum last week she said she could put it into your bank account for you. Your Mum said you have resigned from your job, sure did seem to be a lot of changes since the business was sold and so much travelling for you too would not always be convenient with Brady to look after.

We have had a lot of rain this year and the nectarines have gone moldy on the tree as have some of the apricots.  And as for the apples, well they got cooked right there on the tree in December when we had a very hot spell, but one can’t do anything about these things.

Well must close, all the best and once more thanks.

x Love from Nana and Pop x

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