I placed potatoes on Pop’s grave.

2 March 2000

Dear S,

Thanks for the postcard from Waikiki and also the video of The Lost Gardens of Heligan that you sent me for Christmas, I really enjoyed it, it’s so marvellous that it could be bought back to life and lovely to follow it through, what a big job to tackle, lots of hard work but so rewarding.

Well it’s really March now, good that you can now say your baby will arrive this month and nice to have your Mum over there with you to help with Brady and your new bub when it arrives.

Many thanks for your phone call, beaut birthday card and lovely flowers. I was taken out for tea on my birthday to the Central Hotel in Lakes Entrance, there were eight of us, it was very nice, I even had a birthday cake.  I certainly missed Pop, each special time is so hard to get through, but I have some lovely memories of by gone days (sic).  Your Dad took a bunch of potatoes from our garden to put on Pop’s grave on his way home to “Poo Town” on what would have been Pop’s 80th birthday.  I have taken snaps of the plaque on Pop’s grave, I’ll send one to you when I finish the film and have it developed.

The weather is very hot, it was 35° today, the weather man says a change is on the way with four cooler days and then heating up again. February was hot and humid with very little rain.  It’s been a real apple and pear year but oh between the sun, the birds and the possums it’s been a battle.

Well must away it’s too hot to sleep tonight and I’ve had the air conditioner on all day.

Take care S and all the best for a speedy and safe delivery of your baby. A big kiss and cuddle to little Brady and please pass on my love to your Mother.

x Love from Nana x

7 thoughts on “I placed potatoes on Pop’s grave.

  1. Hello S
    I just saw where one of Jacks books in his library is ON THE ROAD, Jack Karouac…
    One of my very favs… I have a first edition, and an anniversary edition…
    That made my heart sing…Namaste’

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    1. Yesterday, I went back to the new blog I started regarding J’s books. I started it about 3 weeks ago and hadn’t looked at it since then. I played with themes, wrote a bit on it, deleted it, wrote it again, tried to work out exactly what it is I’m trying to achieve with it, deleted it all, started it again. It was frustrating and I was thinking, is it silly would people even be interested in J’s books.

      AND THEN…

      This morning you posted about one of his books. I am going to take it as a sign – a very good one. And I am going to get on with it again today, with a good nights sleep behind me, fresh eyes and motivation from you.

      Thank you SO much, again.


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      1. The threads of the words that are woven within the books we cherish, indeed are sewn within the pages…our Souls….
        Seeing J’s Library is like discovering a time capsule….stuff touched by not just the physical skin…but also touched by the bare bones of the Spirit of the Being….
        It is a true labor of Love that you create with and share with..and for that, I and many are grateful. You have indeed brought J to Life…and we see the melting down of a man that was so very special. Blessings abundant dear S..Love and Namaste’

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        1. Hi Thomas, I have listed J’s books on GoodReads along with any reviews of the books as I come across them in his letters and diaries. He didn’t tend to write in the books themselves, they are however full of tram and train travel cards. S

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