I’m just gonna leave this here.

To read Dead Man’s Diaries in chronological order please click here. I am done, I have finished this blog. I have honoured my brother. I think, I hope he’d be pleased. My brother is gone, our mother has Alzheimer’s, there is no one to confirm all my memories, but there is this – our love and lives on paper. I miss him, I miss receiving … Continue reading I’m just gonna leave this here.

J’s last letter.

This is deeply personal and I’ve thought about this from the day I started this blog. I have shared openly and honestly our thoughts, lives and letters and yet I’ve considered keeping this one last letter private. I have decided to share only parts of it, others parts of it I will keep to myself. As J himself wrote parts of this letter are “flippant and … Continue reading J’s last letter.

J’s Screenplay – “Michelle”

I found this printed out amongst J’s belongings. It is the sitcom he mentioned in his diary entry on 10 March 2003.  It’s set in an office, 6 characters, 1 per episode, all set on the day after the office Christmas Party. He and Jade planned to write 7 episodes in total, writing 3 episodes each and both working on the last one together. About Dead … Continue reading J’s Screenplay – “Michelle”

You know a rock star is on the way out when he starts singing about his kids.

Wednesday 21 April 1999  9.30AM Dear S Saw Billy Bragg play at the Forum last night.  He was good. Preachy tho.  To be expected  I guess.  He dances now, not something you expect from a socialist.  I went with Jen, Sophia and Marcus. Sophia and Marcus had bought two tickets to see him and then discovered that a friend of theirs was on the door … Continue reading You know a rock star is on the way out when he starts singing about his kids.

I woke up just on the cusp of a hangover.

Monday, 19 April 1999 Dear S, Weekend.  Friday night, left work drinks at 6:30, walked home to get ready for housemate Eddie’s birthday dinner at Kake di Hatti’s in Brunswick.  Cabbed there, very nearly got run over crossing the road to the bottle shop.  Beer, wine, ouzo au go go.  Sit at the table, we were the first lot there.  I sit next to Caleb’s girlfriend … Continue reading I woke up just on the cusp of a hangover.

Christmas a long, long time ago…

I have a vague memory of this being taken it was at Myer in Melbourne December 1973. I would like to thank everyone who reads my Blog and has kindly followed our story. Your “likes” comments and support means so much to me.  It’s hard to explain but I feel so connected to some complete strangers sprinkled all over the world through my brother. Wishing you … Continue reading Christmas a long, long time ago…


I have some letters from J in 1997 but seem to be missing many. As you are about to read my life got a bit messy from 1997 on and house moves followed, during which I’m afraid some of J’s letters may have been lost. I also don’t have J’s ’97 diary, I am certain he kept one but think it may have been typed which he referred … Continue reading 1997

So we eat Ox Tail and Ox Tongue – but what do we do with the rest of the Ox?

Tuesday, 24 June 1996  2:50am Gee it felt good not to drink Sis.  So righteous, so in control.  I liked it so much, that I did it again on Friday night.  Actually, everyone took it rather quietly, except Erin’s boyfriend, Billy.  He got pissed.  I think that getting pissed myself all the time has blinded me to the jibes that people make.  Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading So we eat Ox Tail and Ox Tongue – but what do we do with the rest of the Ox?

The Dewey Decimal System & Suicide

J’s Diary Entry Thursday 9 Mar 1995 I got my annual slap on the wrist from Caitlin today. She said I’d been “drifting” since November. I agreed, of course. I found it a bit depressing really. I knew it was coming from a few offhand remarks Caitlin made in the last week or so. I told her that I have changed my direction in the … Continue reading The Dewey Decimal System & Suicide