How typical of me to be looking for maggots in the banquet.

J’s Diary Entry

9 January 2003

9.30am  –  I just realised something about all my New Year’s Resolutions – I’m in one of my disciplined phases. I’m eating well, exercising, concerned about work, being sociable, active. This always make it easier to stick to things, but… what about when it’s over? What will I do when the ennui comes back, with it’s sidekick, Lazybones? How typical of me to be looking for the maggots in the banquet. Bollocks to that, will try to be positive this year as well.

11.15pm  –  Spent the day with Leah. Shopped in Sydney Road Brunswick for fabric (still didn’t find what I was looking for and was feeling annoyed when that U2 song – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – came on over the P.A. in Spotlight. I ended up buying something else. Leah and I then drove to Golden Terrace for a nostalgic Doner Kebab. Then we drove out to IKEA where I bought a few bits and pieces and tried not to think about “Fight Club”. We went for a walk around Clifton Hill and I took a photo of those old cement koala mail boxes – priceless, I tells ya!

Leah is still on the patches – Harrison actually bandaged it on so she couldn’t get it off. I think it’s a form of affection. They do seem very happy together. Oh yeah, we also went to St Kilda, and I bought another book “Atomised” by Michel Houllebecq. I’m nearly finished “Behindlings” already. I’ve developed a new and wholesome habit of stretching while I read – can’t let go of my time/movement efficiency obsession – always have to be doing at least two things at once. Unless I’m doing nothing at all, of course. Found out that Harrison’s ex-girlfriend actually lives in the street behind them, 2 doors down. Leah HATES her, and deservedly so. When she and Harrison broke up, she destroyed all his photos – he has no photos of himself between the ages of 9 and 30. What a cunt! Leah also told me that Harrison has another younger brother who was run over by a train. Harrison was with him when it happened. They were walking home from school. How fucking AWFUL!


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