I think I like being out of debt for a change.

J’s Diary Entry

13 April 2003

God, has been ages since I wrote in  here. OK, will resort to point form:

  • have been interviewing potential housemates,
  • am in line for a $1,200 bonus from work
  • Jade has quit her job and appears to be on the verge of a depressive breakdown; and
  • got my short story published in Melbourne Times

I think that’s all the big news. Found out about short story on Friday 11/04. It took me by surprise. I submitted it about 2 months ago. it’s your run of the mill “office life is hell” type thing but I’m embarrassingly excited about it. I think it rather depressed Jade though – she’s been having trouble getting anything published lately. Mind you, I think quitting her job is a much bigger deal. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Her cunt boss Iris was pushing her out. I feel sorry for her but am feeling so JOLLY myself, is a bad scene Daddio. On top of this is the sheer HELL of interviewing for Ian’s room. Only had 4 people through and none of them want it! Is trés embarrassing. We offered it to this girl, Bree and she called back and told me she was “looking for something a bit more nicely decorated”. I told Jade that she said she had already accepted another place. I don’t know why really. It supports my argument that the place is a dump, but lying just seemed like the right thing to do.

It’s absolutely pouring outside and Richmond is full of football fans yet again. How I look forward to 9 months of picking up empty stubbies off the porch.

Went to ‘Polly’ last night for Eddie’s birthday. He looked well. He always does. The bar, Polly, was excellent, red velvet everything and little cordoned-off areas for our party. Excellent cocktails too, though WILDLY EXPENSIVE. I stayed resolutely on the wagon and even stayed until 12.30. Until Eddie’s old druggie friends showed up with their vaguely threatening and sleepy eyes. Met Ash’s new girlfriend. She’s great – drinks like a fish, speaks 4 languages, loves Ash to bits and is very attractive to boot. She’s an old childhood friend of Monica’s and apparently Monica ain’t fakin’ it well. She wasn’t invited to last night’s shindig and I was told to keep mum about it. Feel a bit weird about it. Would feel weirder if I ever actually saw Monica. I must call her. Though not too soon or I’ll feel like a fink.

The money from Nana’s estate is good. I was VERY tempted at first to spend it all on a new bike but now I’ve seen my bank balance actually in the black and I think I’ll wait a while. The bonus from work will come through soon and I’ll be even better off. I can’t believe I got a bonus, I’m such a lazy cunt, it’s hilarious. I think I like being out of debt for a change.

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