16 Tonnes

J’s Diary Entry

17 February 2003

I sent a short story to the Melbourne Times today. It was a vignette I based on working at CPD. Just an “office life is hell” type of thing. I don’t hold out great hope of it being published, it was a bit of a rush job, but I just felt like doing it. I chose Travis Parton for my nom de plume – “Travis” in honour of Merle Travis who wrote “16 Tons” and “Parton” in honour of Dolly, who wrote, among her other innumerable classics, “9 to 5” – both proletariat anthems, ha ha!

Ian UPDATE: We’ve been without a shower for 4 days and he hasn’t washed in any way. He’s repulsive and apparently the bathroom isn’t going to be completed until Thursday Oooh Lawdy, he’ll be higher than Hunter S. Thompson.

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