Polaroids and Polar Bears

J’s Diary Entry

1 November 2001

Good day and crappy day.  Got out of bed late, watched some telly, did some chores then into the City for art supplies.  Spent $27 got 2 nice extra fine pens, some chalks, some charcoal.  Then I got a Sketch-A-Graph from Toys R Us.  Came home and burnt an Aphex Twin compilation while I drew some pictures of Mum.  Then I decided to make a light box. I busted the red lamp on the telly and took the light out and put it under the clear plastic lid of one of my storage boxes.  It worked great until Jade came home and saw her mangled lamp in the bin.  I was SURE it was mine.  I felt terrible and fixed it straight away but Jade was upset so I stayed out of her way for the rest of the night.  Have decided to draw pictures for everyone’s Christmas presents this year – cheapskate that I am. Have discovered interesting distortion effect of Sketch-A-Graph if you move only one of the cam-lock pins. Must get a picture of Leah so I can draw her.

At least I’m not irritable today like I was yesterday. I do feel guilty about that lamp.  I always want to swim when I feel guilty, why?  I thought about moving out and living on my own today.  It’s kind of alluring but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Oh he! – I didn’t throw up once today.  And I ate reasonably well, which is probably why.  Yay for me!  I called Mum too.  She talked about the court case. She said she called Barry to make absolutely certain S isn’t coming over, it seems to be Mum’s worst nightmare, S coming over to help her. This diary entry is really disjointed. I want to draw a series of bum cracks.  Might ask Monica for a photo of hers.  I’d like a new Polaroid – a big, proper one. Might check out 2nd hand ones tomorrow.


2 November 2001

4:00am Woke myself up after a particularly nasty dream that involved being hunted by both polar bears and B-Grade Actors with some virus that made them explode.  The dream had one rather striking image seen from a helicopter of a polar bear toying with a WWII sea mine.  Now I’m awake and hungry. I want to swim. I think I’m coming down with something – bad dreams and coughing.

10:00am – Mum just called in tears because S hasn’t called. Damn family – who needs it. I told her I’d come over but only is she asked me to , seeing as she’s so terrified of S showing up. Poor Mum.

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