J’s Diary Entry

4 November 2001

Started reading “Kill Shot” by Elmore Leonard

Jen came round last night and she, Jade, Eli and I got drunk as bastards on wine.  I dimly recall vomiting off the foot of my bed into a bucket while Jen rolled around the bed.  I took some photos and shaved my beard off, leaving a handlebar moustache and giant sideburns. GodDAMN I was plastered.  Spent today vomiting – couldn’t even hold water down until 5pm. Didn’t even get out of bed until 4:30. Didn’t do a thing all day except blond my hair a little. It looks alright – I’ve got it in a quiff which sets off the handlebar moustache.  With my new Elivs Burnger t-shirt it’s quite the look if I do say so myself. Burnt 3 minidiscs – 4 Bach suites and Elgar’s Violin Concerto.  They’re good, tho I wish I knew more about it. Classical music seems so daunting, like wine appreciation or something equally precious. It was good to see Jen again.  She’s coming over for the election telecast next week. Oh, last night when we went for more wine we broke up a fight.  There was a guy absolutely bladdered, picking fights with passersby. Security from the pub came and looked after him.  He fell over at one stage and his head hit a brick wall and made a thudding noise and I remember thinking “I thought that noise would have been more splatty and less thuddish.” Ah well I’ll wager he feels worse than I do today.

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