I can’t wait to hear everyone missed me.

J’s Diary Entry

5 November 2001

Bit of a shopping day today.  Got up late-ish, still a bit sick but trying valiantly to eat my way to wellness.  After watching Springer (“I’m here to fulfil my Secret Lesbian Fantasy”) Jen, Jade and I walked down to Chapel Street and did some window shopping (which I’ve always considered kind of pointless – why tease yourself?) and I went into Portmans to steal a nose pad thingy for my glasses (I lost one Saturday).  Couldn’t get one without breaking a pair. I then joined Jen in a Craft Shop. She was making a lampshade out of wood veneer.  I stoically didn’t buy anything and then we went to the City for tattoo transfer paper and Jen’s veneer.  This accomplished we trained it home in steamy peak hour.  Got home drew some pictures and Jen made her lampshade. I put some toner in my hair to take out some of the red. My new hairstyle has got good press from the housemates and it kind of goes with the handlebar moustache – and the fake tatts tomorrow ought to set it off nicely.  I’ve been invited to Monica’s for a BBQ thing tomorrow.  I’ll take the Polaroid camera and stay sober – might be good fodder for my drawings.


6 November 2001

Did fuck all today.  Didn’t even watch the “sponsored” Melbourne Cup.  Saw “The Others” at Classic Cinemas down in Elsternwick – I thought it was OK but I wanted to stab the 3 girls behind me who wouldn’t shut up.  Only drew one picture – of me, hungover. It’s not too bad.  Am vaguely looking forward to work tomorrow, even tho I know there’s at least one major fuck-up waiting for me.  I think it’s just that childish urge to hear how much everyone missed me.  I’m gonna take some pictures in to show them I haven’t wasted my time completely.  Have I wasted this week and a half off?  I dunno, maybe.  I didn’t “go anywhere” like everyone seems to believe you must.  But I took lots of photos and drew some pictures.  I recorded my first classical music and I actually like it.  I made a wall hanging and finished a book.  And next weekend I’m gonna make a t-shirt. Oh yeah and I put new fairy lights on my bed, and got drunk just once (O Lord, how drunk.) And I made a vow to not drink for six weeks (I did that just now).

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