Mum’s Cancer = get out of stuff ya don’t wanna do.

J’s Diary Entry

16 November 2001

Well! What excitement!  Dull day at work.  Got home with an armful of junk food, five videos and a strong dose of misanthropy. Jade begged me to go out to seek drinks with her but I steadfastly refused. Then Paige asked me to go for a bike ride with her (it was a beautiful evening), again I stuck to my couch.  I was just starting to warm up the video when there was a knock at the door… It was Paige. She said in a weird plaintive/retard/child voice “I fell off my bike”.  I brought her in and she’d skun her knee, finger and arm.  Then she said that she’d hit her head.  I checked it for blood and noticed that she couldn’t stand up properly. I had a look at her helmet and there was a big crack in it.  And she didn’t know what day it was.  I changed my t-shirt (shocking BO) and caught a cab to the hospital.  Poor thing – she had blurry vision as well.  She kept repeating herself and couldn’t remember how it happened.  I asked her if she had a near death experience and said something about angels on a game show.  We got to the hospital, they whacked a neck-brace on her and she waited on a gurney.  Note to self; next time on going to a hospital, take a book and dress for the cold.  Good GOD it took forever. We arrived at 8pm and I left around 11pm.  While we waited I read old Bulletins and News Weeks and BRW’s. Paige kept thanking me over and over, and oddly it didn’t make me uncomfortable like usual.


26 November 2001

Pretty quiet birthday. Jade tried to organise a sly birthday dinner. It started with her and Paige, oh and then a couple of others might stop by and then their workmates – the list was growing by the minute.  So I told her that my poor, cancer-riddled mother needed me and I’d be making a mercy dash out to Poo Town. So I lingered around work for a bit then went home and told Jade that Mum didn’t need me after all. She was kinda pissed off but I don’t care.

Fucking hate birthdays.

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