I bought my girl some dried squid – most aromatic if not romantic.

J’s Diary Entry

Monday, 9 Feb 1998

Went swimming with Leah after work tonight at Richmond Pool.  Fuck me it was hard work! I thought I was going to die after five minutes.  I managed a paltry six laps and collapsed on the bench in agony.  Leah swam another two.  I think she’s been secretly practising.  I was quite nervous about the change-room thing, but I was in and out in the blink of an eye – no shower for me.  I don’t feel too sore now, but God knows how I’ll feel tomorrow.  I really ought to get up early and walk in, I’ve been a bit slack, and seeing all those super-fit people tonight kinda inspired me – also made me realize how far I’ve got to go.  I do wonder if it’s worth it, but I would like to be able to look back and say I made the most of my body while I could.  Got a referral from the Doctor today for a plastic surgeon for my arms. It doesn’t look too hopeful.  Leah waxed my hands for me after swimming.  Now I’ve got red marks all over them.  Pah!

9 Feb 1998 001


Tuesday, 10 Feb 1998

Getting sorer from swimming as the day progresses.  Got a haircut tonight, growing the fringe a little.  Got it coloured too – “mocha brown” ooh la la!  cost $73.  A good haircut is worth the money.

Dean Gray (now changed his name to Dean Heston-Gray) returned my call at work today.  I was a bit nervous – so long since we’ve spoken.  We arranged to meet after work next Monday.  I barely saw Louise today.  We ate lunch together (with about 6 others) but didn’t speak much.  God, I hope she likes me like I like her.  (Very “teen” J.)  When asked, she said she’d be spending Valentine’s Day with her sister who returns from a month’s absence on that day.  Hmm.  Good food day today.  I must get a bike, even if I only ride it inside on my fly-wheel dynamo thing-umy.

Meeting Dick [Dad] for lunch tomorrow. Where can I take him that I’ll be able to get a fruit salad?  Might take him downtown shopping instead – 2 pairs of pants to collect from David Jones, fan to buy from Myer, dry cleaning due…  Thinking about doing my kitchen up in 50’s decor. I’ve already got the fridge.

10 feb 98 001


Friday, 13 Feb 1998

Neda’s father died today.  He’d been ill for a long time – smoking related emphysema and cancer.  Neda didn’t take the news well and I didn’t know what to do.  At least she has lots of family for support.

I must make an appointment for the dentist, my wisdom tooth is sore.


Saturday, 14 Feb 1998

Valentine’s Day.  Woke up in bed with Louise.  Dozed on and off, got out of bed around midday.  Toast and OJ. I bought Louise some dried squid from the Milk Bar – most aromatic if not romantic. Dried squid, rubber sheets – what lover could ask for more. Louise left at 5:30 and we met again in the City at 8:45pm.  Ate in the China Bar, Russell Street.  Sat on the Yarra at overcrowded Southbank and drank Lemon, Lime & Bitters.  We walked to Richmond along the Yarra River – couples everywhere, evenly spaced and brandishing hampers.  Caught a taxi home alone.  Louise didn’t want me to meet her sister just yet.

Cleaned the house, over-ate and made friends with a black cat in my backyard.


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