So Bett Won a Betting Competition.

Tuesday, 3 Mar 1998

Stayed at Mum’s in “Poo Town” last night – trip to the dentist this morning.  Root canal on a pre-molar, upper left quadrant.  Fucking painful.  Even popped a tranquilizer before I left – no bloody effect at all.  Gonna neck half a dozen of the bastards next time.

Got into work to be confronted with the galling aspect of Bett being photographed to appear in the Herald Stun tomorrow for some story about people winning office footy-tipping competitions.  Un-fucking bearable.  I hid downstairs until the photographer left.  All in all, not what you’d call a good day.

Sophia has found a new job – $31K a year at some publishing house in Kew.  Lucy started to cry at Klicks when we were talking about it. Very Sweet.  Must get to sleep, almost midnight.  Gotta get a computer too.

3 Mar 1998 001


Monday, 9 Mar 1998

9 Mar 1998 001

Movie: Replacement Killers


Tuesday, 10 Mar 1998


10 Mar 1998 001

Wednesday, 11 Mar 1998

11 Mar 1998 001


Thursday, 12 Mar 1998

12 Mar 1998 001


Friday, 13 Mar 1998

13 Mar 1998 001






2 thoughts on “So Bett Won a Betting Competition.

  1. Thank you, thank you, again dear sweet Soulspeak2013.

    J has always had issues with his appearance but it seems from here on it really takes hold with calorie counting and mad spurts of exercising, his weight dropped radically at this time, oddly it is at a time he was in a “happy place” with his new girlfriend.

    Please know how grateful I am to you.

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