My God she’s gorgeous! She’s so lovely I can’t believe it. I really am dippy about her.

Friday, 6 Feb 1998

Sludged through the day ’til 5pm. Went to a decimated work drinks.  So many people have been pushed out of work or left of their own accord that there was barely 10 people there.  Louise and I left about 6pm and drifted down to David Jones where I bought some kitchenware.  We had a drink at Le Monde and then walked to her place in Richmond where we watched some cricket (I think) and made out on her couch before, er, “formalizing” our relationship.  My God she’s gorgeous!  She’s so lovely I can’t believe it.  I really am dippy about her.  I also can’t believe she’s only 22, I’m sure I was an absolute tit when I was 22.  She is so intelligent and informed and forthright and wonderful.  I wasn’t even distressed about sex, I was quite relaxed.  Neither of us had condoms though, and after a moment straight out of a John Hughes film I raced down to the 7-Eleven on the corner of Bridge and Hoddle Street.  I didn’t run back though – worried about sweat and wasted energy.  It was a hot, humid night and I kept Louise awake with inane chatter when she really wanted to sleep.  She’s ruined the next day if she doesn’t get her sleep.

Oh yeah, saw a cyclist get knocked off his bike, he flew right over the top of the car. I called an ambulance. The cyclist had a goatee and was screaming a bit.  The ambulance took about 10 minutes.  Don’t think I’ll buy that bike anymore.


Saturday, 7 Feb 1998

Woke at Louise’s, showered, read the newspaper while Louise napped.  She woke around 11am and we walked down Bridge Street for some breakfast. Louise had scrambled egg on toast, I had a Greek salad. We both drank OJ. (I love writing “we” – I’m so damned corny).  1pm we trammed to Carlton. I dropped $50 off at Leah’s while Louise waited in Lygon Plaza.  She was too shy to meet Leah (who was rather disappointed).

Louise and I watched “The Ice Storm”.  Not bad.  Basic message – Free Love is bad.  Louise and I walked back to Richmond in pouring rain, passing 3 doomed weddings in Treasury Gardens.  We were soaked by the time we arrived at her place.  I towelled myself dry and finished reading the newspaper wearing her Princess Di t-shirt. Watched the opening ceremony of the Nagano Winter Olympics.  Louise was sleepy and wanted rid of me I think. I caught a taxi home at 9pm.


Sunday, 8 Feb 1998

Went to Caufield today with Simon for Jeremy’s engagement party.  Lots of really short, thin girls in slip dresses. Old men, young wives – lots of food with no meat in it.  Kosher thing I guess.  I missed Louise.  Think I’m going completely nuts for her.  Lots of young men at Jeremy’s were quite balding, a lot of them.  I was a bit overdressed too – business shirt, chinos, Blundstones.

Sit-up = 10  Push-ups = 20

4 thoughts on “My God she’s gorgeous! She’s so lovely I can’t believe it. I really am dippy about her.

  1. I love the part about the bicycle accident where the victim had a goatee. Few people take the time to document such tiny details, let alone observe them. I would have loved to have met your brother; he must have been absolutely fascinating.


    1. I know what you mean about details like the goatee, he noted such details to and for himself.

      J really was the way he writes if that makes sense? I am so glad you’re following and enjoying his writings.


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