In the Land of Oz a girl awaits.

Thursday, 29 Jan 1998

Arrived home from UK. Got to Melbourne at 9pm. Glad to be home.  Just a little anxious about things though, not sure why, just a general fear of “being caught out”. Caught out at what, I’m not sure.

Dick* picked me up from the airport (J refers to our father by his first name).


Saturday, 31 Jan 1998

Louise came over with a baguette and brie.  I gave her the Diana “Queen of Hearts” t-shirt and the pint glass I bought her in the UK. She liked them. She got a real laugh out of the  t-shirt.  I said I wanted her to wear it to work.  She left around 11:30pm.


Sunday, 1 Feb 1998

Went shopping with Louise after talking to Mum and Leah on the phone.  Bought some fake tan.  Watched Alien Resurrection at Russell Street and bought some dodgy combat pants.  Went back to Louise’s and watched the cricket.


Monday, 2 Feb 1998

Mum came over at 1:30. Ate lunch at Chez Lucien in Moonee Ponds.  Made a huge grocery purchase while I could cart it back in Mum’s car. Determined to eat healthy and lose some weight – can’t be fat with a girlfriend as thin as Louise. Looked at bikes in a shop on Mt Alexander Road. Thinking about buying a new bike.


Tuesday, 3 Feb 1998

First day back at work. Turned up a day early like a total knob.  Morale is at an all-time low, or maybe it just seems that way because I’m relaxed from my time off in the UK.  Two people “left” in my absence – forced to quit by Noah’ bullying.  Bett is as irritating as ever and Cain and Lucy seem ready to slit her throat.  I had a go at Bett for singing about 5 times but she kept right on doing it like she was making a point or something.

Louise and I hardly even acknowledged each others’ presence in the tea room.  A bit weird. Need to be more laid-back about it I think.

Got an invitation in the mail at work for a pre-Sale Sale at Tony Barlow – might pick up a cheap Hugo Boss suit or something daggy like that.  Oh yeah Caitlin has retracted her resignation.  A spanner in the works for me, dammit.

3 feb 98 001


Wednesday, 4 Feb 1998

I was supposed to have my “catch-up” with Noah today – now set for 9:30am tomorrow. He did let me leave early though – 4.30pm! Wow.  Having trouble sleeping, keep waking up at 2am and nearly falling asleep at work.

Had lunch at The Banana Palm today with work people.  Only bloke there, actually.  Sat next to Louise and felt a bit awkward.  At least people are pretending they don’t know.  People keep asking me if I shagged anyone whilst overseas. I’ve decided to tell people about Louise and I only if they ask directly. O yeah, it looks like Hadlea has quit.  Noah gave her a letter telling her she had to improve or he’d “ask her to resign”.  Looks like she just left the office and is never coming back.  Shame I quite liked her.

I keep finding Louise more attractive day by day.  Why haven’t we had sex yet?

4 Feb 98 001


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