I wish I could be happy with less.

J’s Diary Entry

Friday, 15 September 1995

I was walking down Puckle Street, looking at couples strolling as I strode (only single people stride) and thought “How come they can manage it and I can’t? and then I got depressed, then realised that getting depressed so quickly is the reason I can’t manage what they can, which was depressing in itself.  It’s weird, Dad said to me on the phone the other week “Don’t cut yourself off Digger, don’t isolate yourself.” I thought it was odd at the time, but dammit he’s probably right.  In my house all alone, I realise I’m lonely, but what choice do I have.  The only people I want to see regularly don’t reciprocate – eg Cav. I won’t settle for second best, why the hell should I?

I wish I could be happy with less.


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