Got a crick in my neck, from leaning forward in a meeting, trying to make myself look like a go-getter.

Monday, 11 September 1995  1:14PM

I called you this morning.  And now I get to work, have a look at the calendar, and realize that my call was late, your birthday was Friday.  WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!?  God, how embarrassing! I’m so sorry, I got my days mixed up.  It was a weird weekend.

Friday night I went over good as my word, for a coffee.  I squinted around ‘til I spotted them over by the “Kino”, in the worst seats in the place – really windy.  So I sat down, hunched my shoulders, folded my arms and legs and snuggled down into my jacket, Nathan ordering my coffee.  It came, arriving at the same time as a trio of emaciated promotional girls. They had a big handball target with a beer logo proudly in the center like some family crest.  It was as if my nightmares had streamed out the holes in my head and set up shop in Collins Place.  Everyone decided it would be fun to enter.  I cringed as I felt all the eyeballs in Collins Place swivel unctuously over at us. I left my half-finished coffee and loped up the stairs to chilly freedom.  I went and bought another Will Self novel (“The Quantity Theory of Insanity”) and a Jean-Quinn Sartre (“Age of Reason”).  I’m reading the Self one now, it’s a bit less flashy than “My Idea of Fun”.  With my extra dosh I went and hired a video. “Romeo is Bleeding”, not much chop really.  Funny in parts, but Gary Oldman had the worst hair-do I think I’ve ever seen.  He does cry well though.

Saturday I went to my local supermarket to get some munchies for the other videos and guess who I ran into? Who do I show-gaze every day to avoid having eye-contact with?  It was that damn girl from Croissant Connection.  Bam!  I nearly walked right into her near the frozen foods section.  She looked at me, I at her, and then we both looked at the ground and kinda laughed.  I scurried down to the fruit section to give her plenty of time for a getaway.  Fucking hell. Of all the places in Melbourne that she could move to, why does it have to be Flemington?  I mean, it’s not even groovy.  In fact, it’s quite ungroovy, full of old people.  Now I won’t feel safe in my own damned neighbourhood, I’ll be checking the street before I leave the house. Damn damn damn.

Same day, 3:59PM

Just back from the optometrist.  I can see, I can seeeee!  Gee it’s nice.  Bit of a novelty.  I feel like I’ve been equipped with twin spy cameras.  Hell, for $420 I should get night-vision with these babies.

Tuesday, 12 September 1995, 12:26PM

Good day today.  Had a meeting earlier, a scheduling one.  It went really well, I got all my ideas across and accepted, it was great.  Got a bit of a crick in my neck though, it’s from sitting in a forward leaning position to make myself look like a go-getter.  It was weird, there was like, 8 people there, myself included.  I had this momentary flash of power, as if I was lord and liege over all these, my underlings.  Then I realised that I was only a jumped-up underling myself.  I think I actually managed to turn the tide from information quantity to quality, which is always the central battle between management and me.  I wanna spend three weeks checking what we have, they wanna spend three weeks stuffing in more info.  In about two weeks I’ll bring up the overtime issue.  First of all, I want him to be impressed with my organisational skills.  That’s what I wanna capitalise on, I want to take on a quasi-supervisory role for next year, more of a co-ordinator than a researcher. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the book, assigning people different industry sectors to research if there’s a bald spot in the book, you see what I’m getting at.  This book is really too large for one person now.  I’d like to have two full-timers on it next year, with me researching and (here’s that word again) co-orrrrdinating.

Wednesday, 13 September 1995 9:09AM

Hey. New morning, the dawn risin’.  Splendidly windy day.   Hair all stiff with mousse as I walked through the swirling newspapers to the tram stop.

Thought of you this morning when my radio woke me to the strains of “Girls on Film”. The announcers were reliving their 80’s adolescent years. Now the chorus is bouncing ‘round my skull, just the refrain: “Girls on Film (two minutes latuuuuuuuur) Girls on Film (on film on film film), Girls on Film (got your pictuuuuuuuure) Girls on Film (on film on film film)”.

A two-minute nostalgia break. Please feel free to visit the lobby and make a selection from our Candy Bar.

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