Most people’s lives are linear. I wonder if mine is not spiral in nature.

J’s Diary Entries

Thursday  20 April, 1995  (Mum’s Birthday)

From what I can gather most people’s lives are linear, they start at one end and finish at the other.  I’m beginning to wonder if mine is not spiral in nature.  Sometimes I feel like I’m going backwards through already chartered areas.  I started in the middle and wound my way out.  Then I came to a point where I slowed and then stopped, then started shrinking back like a rubber band, retracing my path until I gather more and more speed, racing back to the beginning in the center of this spiral.  Who knows? That’s my great existential plea to the obscured forces shaping my life – “Who Know?”  Not me. I don’t know anything, of any substance, with any surety.  That’s why I’m so indecisive.

Bought Mum some purple Irises,  She couldn’t come to get them so they’re in my milk jug on the hallway stand.  They’re nice.


Friday, 21 April, 1995 (Dad’s Birthday)

Bought Dad a book on Aboriginal Bush Food from Dymocks Book Store in Collins Place.  I hope he doesn’t already have it.spiral 001

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