Clothes shopping with Mum urrggh!

J Diary Entries

Tue 20 Dec 1994 – Mum came into work to see me before she flies to Queensland. She’s full of guilt for leaving me alone, which is sweet. She bought me some great presents, one of those 30 Magic Eye poster books, where you have to send yourself cross-eyed before you can make it out. Spent the whole bloody day figuring out how to do it. She also bought me a sort of Who’s Who of Movie Stars, which sounds tacky but it’s great.  We had lunch in the Great Space Cafe in Collins Place I then accompanied her for some clothes shopping in “Maggie T” where I endured the most pretentious, condescending old saleswomen I’ve ever come across. Bloody Hag.

Thurs 22 Dec – Went shopping with Cav after work for this office Christmas present thing. We went to Hill of Content Bookshop in Bourke Street and browsed. On the way there, we discussed Cav’s salary coup of the day, he pushed Noah to $400 clear. When Cav told me, he gave me these extremely searching, evaluative sidelong looks, as if my reaction to this news would determine the flavour of our friendship. I congratulated him, but the news was of no real importance to me, and his looks kinda pissed me off – he made them so obvious, it was like an insult – “I’m weighing you up and I don’t care if you know it”.  I’m kinda sick of the mind games. But then he seemed to relax and perhaps open up a little when we got to the bookshop. I guess I just don’t like not knowing what or how he’s thinking.


magic eye 2

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