A Note To My Precious Unborn Grandchild

20 Dec 1994

To My Precious First Grandchild,

Yesterday I experienced probably the greatest thrill since your mother and Uncle J were born. How wonderful to be able to see you before you are actually born. To see those little arms and legs and to know that although you’re a product of your Mummy and Daddy, there is a little bit of me in there too! I really do hope that you get a good bit of me!!!

I bored everyone silly at work showing them your pictures and talking about you. Great Aunty Mim was very excited.

I spoke to Uncle J to see if he got his fax, he did, he was thrilled to see you too. He thinks he doesn’t want you to call him “Uncle” J but I think he will when the time comes. When you are big enough to read this letter you will think that fax machines are just a normal part of every day living and there might just be something even more exciting and quicker, but to me it is incredible that your Mummy and Daddy could send me your pictures so quickly after they were taken and from half way round the world.  I will however be right over there, on the spot, when you come into this world and I hope that it will be a peaceful world – one can always hope!

I can’t wait to see your next pictures, when you will be much bigger and no doubt starting to give your Mummy a few kicks and punches. So, keep growing big and strong, ready for your entry into the big wide world and then you can really make your presence felt – rather like you Mother did.

I send my love to you, your Mummy and Daddy and hope you all keep very well and have a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Your little cousin is in my thoughts.

Lots of Love.

Nana      xxxooo

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