Baby’s First Photo

16 Dec 1994 – FAX

To My Dear Nana and Uncle J,

Here are the photos taken this morning, I do hope you can make sense of them on the fax.

The nice lady at the hospital who took my photo said that I am the right size for Mummy’s dates so I should be here to see you on the 2nd of June. Mummy and Daddy could see me very clearly on the screen even though I was moving around a lot. They could see my face and spine and my little heart going like the clappers. Both Mummy and Daddy are sure I am a boy but I kept my little legs tightly crossed so they couldn’t really see anyway.

My brain looks very big compared to my body, Daddy said it’s already bigger than his brain, Mummy thought that was funny.

Mummy had to give more blood this morning for her Barts test and she should have the results in a week but so far it all looks good.  We’re all going for another photo session in 3 weeks. The lady with the camera said that the difference in my size will be incredible, so we’re all very excited.

Mummy saw my Aunty Georgia today and she is well and they say that my little cousin is doing well so far too, he is still in King’s College Hospital, they’re not sure when he might come home, they are doing lots of tests on him.

Bye for now Nana and Uncle J. I can’t wait to meet you.

Lots of love from your Grandchild (oh and from Mummy too).

baby scan 1

The article below was written by Jack’s Mother (Mother In-law to S) regarding her daughter and grandson discussed in the last paragraph of my fax.  The article was written some months after our nephew passed away. It was a heartbreaking time and to this day thinking of him brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my chest, he really was a sweet, sweet baby, who led such a short and painful life.

Newspaper article by Nanny

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