I was so hungover this morning, it was a-four-potato-cake-day.

J’s Diary Entries for December 1994

Fri 9 Dec – Spoke to Noah, the boss about money today. He’s giving me another $1500 which will take me to $25,500 which is about $400 a week clear. He also said he likes his workers to express their individuality through clothing etc, which is handy to know. From now on I really must work harder. Had Chinese for lunch and showed off my new pot-gut to anyone who’d look. I’ve decided to get fat. Not grossly enormous, just a friendly pot-gut. I was so hungover this morning, it was a-four-potato-cake-day. Felt crap right up until lunch. Had to stay until 5PM at work because of the “cool change” that came through. The office was still boiling.

Came home and watched “Citizen Kane” flick featuring an effusive-as-ever Bill Collins. He is a special man.

Sat 10 Dec – Watched “Dog Day Afternoon”, spoke to Brett on the phone, cleaned up the house in preparation for Simon’s visit en route to Sue’s engagement party.  Dad came over in the morning and weeded the back garden (what there is of it), he took a list of things I’ll need for the ConFest Trip.

Simon and his girlfriend came around 9:30pm and praised my house (I felt so proud).  I left my wallet in the car and had to borrow $20 from Simon. The party was dull, though Cav was there. He was a bit nasty actually. Simon and his girlfriend dropped me home and came in for coffee and a Tim Tam at about 12:30am.  Simon said he’d be happy to house-sit for me one day.  I may take him up on that if I go to England next year for birth of S’s baby.

Sun 11 Dec – I’ve changed my mind about this pot-belly business. I can’t stand the fat on my chest – it looks a bit too wobbly and breasty for me, so I did some sit-ups and push ups.


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