It’s a coffee coup.

Thursday, 16 May 1996  8:30am I switched camps this morning Sis.  I overcame my great fear, and went over to the other side.  You know what I’m talking about.  I bought my cappuccino at Le Croissant Connection, instead of Pomegranites (sic).  I thought to myself ‘Dammit J, yesterday’s excuse for a cappuccino had no fluff on it at all’.  No fluff, nix fluffae, as the … Continue reading It’s a coffee coup.

Clothes shopping with Mum urrggh!

J Diary Entries Tue 20 Dec 1994 – Mum came into work to see me before she flies to Queensland. She’s full of guilt for leaving me alone, which is sweet. She bought me some great presents, one of those 30 Magic Eye poster books, where you have to send yourself cross-eyed before you can make it out. Spent the whole bloody day figuring out … Continue reading Clothes shopping with Mum urrggh!